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CEIS, centro de ensayos Innovación y servicios


Our main objective is to ensure that the materials and products we test for our clients are always safe, of high quality and comply with the standards and legislative requirements that guarantee their aptitude for their purpose. We are validated by the extensive number of recognitions and global agreements with the most important certification bodies that allow us to offer testing services in practically any country in the world.

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Ceis last news

PE100RC pipe new tests


The new revisions of the UNE-EN 1555 standard series “Plastics piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels – Polyethylene (PE) and UNE-EN 12201 “Plastics piping systems for water supply, and for drainage and sewerage under pressure. Polyethylene (PE)” as the main new feature include a new material, i.e. PE100RC, ultra-resistant to the main enemy […]

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