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Bird protection insulators

Bird protection insulators are insulating material covers that are installed on fixings or conductors on HV overhead power lines to nominal voltages between 1 and 70 kV to protect large birds against collisions or direct contact with the supports and/or power cables.

There is no specific category for this type of product, and they are usually classified according to the elements or fixings they cover, and can be any of the following:

  • Insulators for aerial conductors
  • Insulators for line terminals
  • Insulators for terminals
  • Insulators for securing clips
  • Insulators for suspension clips
  • Insulators for line connectors
  • Insulators for short-circuits

Tests applied

The bird protection insulators are classified according to the raw material or the finished product with the geometry of the fixing to cover.

Material composition tests:

  • Mechanical
    • Shore hardness test
    • Tensile strength and resistance to stretch to break point test
    • Tear test
  • Electrical
    • Inflammability or glow wire test
    • Dielectric rigidity test
  • Climate
    • Climate ageing test
    • Ozone resistance test

Tests on complete elements of bird protection insulators

  • Construction
    • Shape and dimensions
    • Marking check
    • Appearance and finish
  • Mechanical
    • Low temperature mechanical test
    • Mechanical closure test
  • Electrical
    • Dielectric test and current leakage

Applicable standards

  • EA 0058:2016
  • UNE-EN 602343-1
  • UNE-HD 605
  • UNE 211605
  • UNE-EN 60811-403
  • ENDESA GE BNA001:2020 Standard
  • Iberdrola NI 52.59.03:20202 Standard

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