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Operating limits

Test Methods:

Measurement of operating limits consists of determining the following:

  • In heating mode (TOL): the lowest external temperature at which the heat pump still supplies heating power according to the manufacturer.
  • In cooling mode: the highest external temperature at which the heat pump still supplies cooling power according to the manufacturer.

Operating temperature range: Start-up and running tests:

The equipment must be capable of starting and/or operating within the utilisation limits (temperatures and flows) specified by the manufacturer.

If operation outside of the temperature range can damage the equipment, it must be supplied with safety devices that ensure that the equipment is not damaged when the operating limits indicated by the manufacturer are exceeded, and that it can resume operation when it returns within the said limits. The manufacturer must indicate which safety devices are used and the operating conditions.

Freeze test in cooling mode

This test is carried out in cooling mode to check the consequences of possible freezing of the air in the inside.

When the equipment has been running for 6 hours in set conditions, or after the final freeze cycle has completed after those 6 hours, a check is made for ice in the evaporator, that there is no dripping ice in the equipment and water does not drip or comes out of the equipment into the test area.

Heat carrier fluid flow shut-off

Correct operation of the safety devices in the equipment are checked by simulating each of the following errors over a 30 minutes period.

  1. Flow shut-off to the outdoor heat exchange of the heat carrier fluid.
  2. Flow shut-off to the indoor heat exchange of the heat carrier fluid.
  3. Flow shut-off to the outdoor heat recovery of the heat carrier fluid, where applicable.

The equipment must be capable of running after the flows are restored for 30 minutes when the compressor starts running again.

Total electrical power failure

This test consists of simulating a total power failure lasting approximately 5 seconds. The equipment must have reached stable operating conditions before the power failure simulation in one of the nominal cooling modes and heating modes, as applicable.

The equipment must start up automatically within 30 minutes. If the manufacturer states that the equipment does not start automatically, a fault detector must be used.

A check is made for any damage to the equipment during the tests and if any of the safety devices have been triggered during the power failure.

Condensate drainage test and condensation in the casing

The test is carried on air-air and water (salt water)-air equipment, operating in cooling mode with the possibility of humid air condensation.

The condensate drainage includes the condensate that forms in the casing. During the 4 hour test, the water condensate must not drip, run or be ejected from the equipment, except through the drain.

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