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Electrical Measurement in Transformers

Predictive maintenance or smart maintenance of a transformer is oriented to actions only bearing in mind the condition of the asset defined based on a series of modifications, tests, analyses, data collection, manufacturer’s expertise and exploitation curve.

Within predictive maintenance, electrical tests enabling to assess the status of the different parts making up an electric machine and to check the evolution of the latter in order to determine potential maintenance actions to be implemented.

Tests applied

  • Capacity and tan delta test in general insulation
  • Capacity and tan delta test in terminals
  • Excited nucleus test
  • Transformation ratio test
  • Ohmic resistance test of windings
  • Dynamic resistance measurement test for OLTC assessment
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Frequency dielectric spectroscopy test
  • Magnetic balance
  • Frequency response of stray losses (FRSL) measurement
  • Demagnetization

Benefits of the service

The power transformer electrical measurement service provides a series of tangible advantages in the operation of these assets, such as:

  • Reduction of the unavailability times of the transformer
  • Reduction of maintenance costs in the medium term, avoids corrective interventions.
  • Optimización de la vida útil de los activos, maximizando el retorno de la inversión.
  • Optimisation of the service life of the assets, maximising the return on investment
  • Increasing knowledge on the status of your equipment.

Applicable standard

  • IEC 60076 (Serie)
  • UNE-EN 60076 (Serie)
  • ANSI/IEEE 57.12.90
  • UNE-EN 60422
  • ANSI/IEEE C57.106-2006
  • ANSI/IEEE C57.12.00
  • ANSI/IEEE 62
  • ANSI/IEEE 57.149
  • ANSI/IEEE 57.152

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