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Characterisation of contamination

By characterising oil using infrared spectrometry, the oil footprint can be characterised and other characteristics such as additives, moisture degree and degradation can be assessed. Nevertheless, it is also possible to see the characteristic print of the oil and assess if it has been produced using mixtures of other oil types. It is therefore recommended to assess the two oils suspected to have been in contact with each other and see the characteristic print of each one.

Tests and regulations:

    • Determination of acidity. Test methods for non-mineral insulating oils: UNE-EN 62021-3:2015
    • Determination of kinematic viscosity at 40ºC: UNE EN ISO 3104:1996
    • Flash point. Pensky-Martens closed cup method: UNE EN ISO 2719:2003
    • Detection of specific oxidation inhibitor additives: UNE EN 60666:2011
    • Determination of the aromatic hydrocarbon content of new mineral insulating oils. IEC 60590: 1977
    • Determination of the carbon type percentage: Internal procedure