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Determination of density of non-cellular plastics. Immersion method.

Test methods

The mass/volume ratio of the sample is determined by the difference in weight of it in air and in a liquid of known density.

Products to test

Plastics piping systems for civil works for water in:

  • Water and sewage conveyance for buried and above-ground under pressure - unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) EN ISO 1452-1, -2, -3, -5.
  • Drainage and sewerage without pressure made of unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) EN 1401-1.
  • Conveyance of water and sewerage under pressure made of Polyethylene (PE) EN 12201-1, -2, -3, -5 / ISO 4427.
  • Buried drainage and sewage without pressure (structured wall) made of Polyethylene (PE) EN 13476-1, -2, -3.
  • Supply of buried and above ground drainage, sewerage and irrigation water under pressure - Oriented unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-O) UNE EN 17176-2, -5 / UNE-CEN/TS 17176-3.

Plastics piping systems for building and discharge of waste water made of:

  • Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) EN 1329-1.
  • Unplasticized poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) (structured wall) EN 1453-1
  • Polypropylene (PP) EN 1451-1

Plastics piping systems for civil works for gaseous fuels.Polyethylene (PE).(EN 1555-1, -2, -5 / ISO 4437)

Recycled plastics

  • Polyethylene UNE 53978/EN 15344
  • Polypropylene UNE 53972/EN 15345
  • PVC EN 15346/ UNE EN 15346
  • Polystyrene UNE 15342/ UNE EN 15342

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