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CEIS celebrates its XX Anniversary

4-11-2019 | news

On the occasion of its 20th Anniversary, the CEIS human team, who throughout these two decades have helped the growth of the organization and the achievement of objectives, accompanied by representatives of the Board of Directors CEIS held a commemorative lunch at the Antiguo Convento of Boadilla del Monte.

During these twenty years, CEIS has focused its activity on carrying out analyses and tests on a wide range of products to support safety and quality, providing markets with the guarantee that the products comply with current regulations, promoting innovation as an action of continuous improvement in products.

At the end of the lunch, José Luis Sánchez, General Director of CEIS, had words of gratitude not only to the partners and human team but also to all those entities, certification bodies, manufacturers and other estates that have contributed to approach this task successfully.

Carlos Esteban, President of CEIS, spoke about the future of the organization. Based on the positive evolution of the company, he encourages an optimistic vision and great illusions for the future.

The celebration ended with the delivery of a present to those employees who 20 years ago faced with enthusiasm the challenge of making this great project prosper. Special mention should be made of the commitment and involvement of José Luis Sánchez, General Director of CEIS, who received a commemorative plaque from Carlos Esteban, President of CEIS, in recognition of his successful career.

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