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CEIS, centro de ensayos Innovación y servicios

Celebrating the 20th anniversary with a new corporate video

13-09-2019 News

We continue with the celebration of our 20th anniversary, which began last June with the meeting of the General Shareholders Board at its facilities, with the presentation of a new corporate video.

Through the video, CEIS reviews the trajectory of the organization that has allowed it to be among the most important laboratories in the sector of conformity assessment in Europe.

Through a tour of its headquarters, the video shows part of the facilities, allowing to know the working methodology and highlight the values of the company such as its technical capacity and its human team.

In these 20 years, and under the slogan “The value of Testing”, CEIS has verified the functionality and guaranteed the safety of very different products through the realization of tests, verifications or other procedures of evaluation according to the requirements established in national and international standards. ENAC accreditation guarantees the impartiality, objectivity and transparency of the results obtained.

In these years the organization has experienced a great expansion. Currently CEIS works for more than 30 countries, and is recognized by more than 20 Certification Bodies.