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Reception of oil before energising

A lot of electrical equipment is supplied to end users already full of mineral oil. Since the oil has been in contact with insulators and other materials, it cannot be considered new oil as specified in UNE EN 60296. Therefore the standard UNE EN 60422 establishes the appropriate properties depending on the category and functions of the equipment.

Tests and regulations:

    • Visual appearance and colour, ISO 2049:1996
    • Water content by coulometric Karl-Fischer titration assessment: UNE-EN 60814:99
    • Determination of dielectric rupture tension UNE-EN 60156: 97
    • Determination of Dielectric Loss Factor (Tg δ) UNE-EN 60247:04
    • Methods for counting and sizing particles.  UNE-EN 60970:2008
    • Analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs): UNE-EN 61619:04
    • Corrosive sulphur compounds in new and used insulating liquids (DBDS).: UNE EN 62697-1:2013
    • Detection of  potentially corrosive sulphur: UNE-EN 62535:2009
    • Interfacial tension of solutions of surface agents. Stirrup or ring method: UNE EN 14210:2004
    • Continuous current resistivity: UNE EN 60247:2004 + ERRATUM: 2005

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