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Alliance with INGCER for certification of electrical conductors in Chile and Peru

1-09-2020 | Electrical tests | news

Recently INGCER, a Chilean certification body, has been authorized by the Peruvian authorities as a certification body for electrical conductors. Since 2018, INGCER recognizes the tests to electrical conductors of CEIS within its certifying processes to obtain the certificate of approval, obligatory for the commercialization of these products in the…

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CEIS sponsor of World Refrigeration Day

15-06-2020 | Energy performance tests | news

On 26 June, World Refrigeration Day will be commemorated for the second time, following the success of the first edition in 2019. An event that in Spain is organized by the Asociación de Empresas de Frío y sus Tecnologías (AEFYT), the Asociación de Fabricantes Andaluces de Refrigeración (AFAR) and the…

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28-03-2019 | news | Training
Webminars on the calibration of measuring equipment
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CTN53/SC2 Chairmanship
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CEIS participates in the NF545
8-03-2019 | news | Pipes test
CEIS will participate in the international exhibition ISH
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CEIS participates in International HVAC & R Exhibition 2019
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Annual Meeting of the Eurovent Middle East Group
22-11-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news
CEIS ready to Middle East
8-11-2018 | news | Pipes test
Trade Mission to Colombia
4-10-2018 | news | Universal accesibility
Aenor Extremadura y CEIS holds a working meeting with APAMEX’s managers to promote the Universal Accessibility
3-10-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news
Trade Mission to the Middle East with Eurovent Certita Certification