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CEIS is celebrating 20 years of business development

12-06-2019 CEIS | News
  • CEIS, one of the leading companies in the testing field, is accredited by the Spanish Accreditation Entity (ENAC) for over 1000 tests, having proved that it has the technical capacity, resources and knowledge underpinning its reports’ reliability and recognition.
  • At international level, CEIS tests are recognised by more than 20 highly regarded certification bodies and it acts as control body for many national and EU regulations. 

The Test, Innovation and Services Centre (CEIS) has been active for 20 years since it was founded back in 1999, and this has been celebrated by its General Shareholders Board who met at its facilities in Móstoles yesterday. At the meeting, the company’s career and the results achieved were analysed and future opportunities were put forward to be addressed with the same perseverance and determination.

CEIS is a cutting edge centre for conformity assessment and for determination by means of tests, verifications or other procedures of the level of compliance of products and services with the applicable standards or technical specifications, contributing this way to improving the quality of products placed in the market and reducing risks for users.

The company has a strong tradition in innovation, always pursuing the highest levels of excellence, developing working solutions that bring about new opportunities for the organisation, its clients and its employees.

In these 20 years, CEIS is well-known for its great level of specialisation and robust experience supported by a collaborative and flexible team with strong solidarity principles.

CEIS is currently developing its activity in three main strategic areas dealing with different activities that are interconnected:

  • Energy sector: At the beginning, CEIS conducted tests aiming to determine the energy efficiency level of air conditioning and heat pump appliances with power under 20 kW.  During those years, a great investing effort led CEIS to a leading position at European level. In 2018, CEIS put into service a new testing station that is unique is Europe, enabling to test appliances with power up to 100 kW. In addition, CEIS is a leader in testing passive solutions (thermal insulation), or active solutions (solid-fuel heating appliances, heating floor, thermal emitters, etc.) used in different heating and air conditioning appliances.
  • Fluid conduction systems: In 2002, CEIS extended its chemical and mechanical laboratory services adapting them to conduct tests on water and gas conduction systems. CEIS is currently equipped to conduct over 100 tests on systems manufactured with very different polymeric and metallic materials for its various applications.

Our participation in the best known international forums and the outstanding informative actions carried out by our professionals have contributed to consolidating CEIS as a reference laboratory in the sector.

  • Electrical sector: Legislation on electrical safety has experienced great evolution in the last two decades, with these products having to comply with more and more demanding requirements. CEIS currently has the most complete equipment for tests according to a wide range of standards and methods including products such as electrical conductors, material for installations and transformation centres.

CEIS will continue working in a neutral, objective and transparent way after its 20th anniversary in order to be closer to clients and continue providing trust to the markets.

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