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CTN53/SC2 Chairmanship

21-03-2019 News | Pipe tests

Joaquín Lahoz Castillo, CEIS plastic pipes specialist, has been appointed chairman of the Technical Subcommittee on Standardization (CTN53/SC2) “Plastic pipes and fittings“, in which he has been a member since 1996. This appointment is a recognition of his professionalism and technical knowledge.

CTN53/SC2 Plastic tubes and fittings focuses its activity on the standardisation of tubes and fittings related to plastic materials with the aim of collaborating in the elaboration of standards at national level, and the transposition of European standards to national standards.

At the moment as CEIS plastic pipes specialist, he is the manager of the mechanical laboratory, as well as of the institutional relations with the standardization committees and others, in charge of the development of the procedures of standardization and certification of plastic materials both at national and European level.