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Trade Mission to the Middle East with Eurovent Certita Certification

3-10-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news

André Pierrot, CEIS Energy Performance Specialist, has participated in a trade mission to the Middle East, providing technical support to Eric Foucherot, Head of International Affairs at Eurovent Certification, and Markus Lattner, Director of Eurovent Middle East, in order to promote and disseminate Eurovent Certita Certification, ECC, in the region.

The mission has involved meetings in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with different standardisation, certification and control bodies interested in promoting cooperation and generating alliances that allow the positioning of both Eurovent certification and the tests offered by CEIS in this important market.

The first meeting took place in Abu Dhabi with the ADQCC (Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council), a body that showed clear interest in favour of tests in accordance with European EN standards as well as in the measurement of the seasonal performance of the equipment.

The following meetings with both SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) and GSO (Gulf Cooperation Council Standards Organization) took place in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). SASO showed clear interest in both EN-compliant testing and acceptance of the Eurovent ECC certification under the same conditions as AHRI certification.

For its part, GSO expressed its position to unify the MEPS (Minimum Energy Performances) in all countries in the area, although it recognizes the difficulty of achieving the objective.

Participation in the VRF conference in Riyadh ended this important tour. During the event, André Pierrot presented the new CEIS test facility with a measuring capacity of up to 100 kW, the only test station in terms of power, as well as temperatures accredited in Europe.

The HVAC market in the Middle East has become increasingly important and requires the establishment of its own framework of action in line with the current European framework, which contributes to compliance the most demanding legislative and regulatory requirements in terms of quality and sustainability of products in the region.

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