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List of Plastic Materials Tests

02-04-2018 Pipe tests

ceis carries out the following analysis and characterization tests. All accredited by ENAC in accordance with the standard ISO 17025.

Polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings Determination of the tensile strength and failure mode of test pieces from a butt-fused joint UNE-ISO 13953:2011
Crushing decohesion test ISO 13955:1997
Peel decohesion test electrofusion assemblies of nominal outside diameter greater than or equal to 90 mm ISO 13954:1997
Copolymer pipes of polipropylene Resistance to impact strength by the Charpy method (Energy  15J) ISO 9854-1:1994

ISO 9854-2:1994

Thermoplastics pipes and fittings (completed mouthpieces are included) Determination of the resistance to internal pressure at a constant temperature

(Maximum pressure: 100 bar)

(Maximum temperature: 110°C)

UNE-EN ISO 1167-1:2006
UNE-EN ISO 1167-2:2006
UNE-EN ISO 1167-3:2008
UNE-EN ISO 1167-4:2008
Injection-moulded thermoplastics fittings Visually assessing the effects of heating (heat behaviour) UNE-EN ISO 580:2005
Method A. Section. A
Structured-wall thermoplastics pipes Heater test for structured wall pipes ISO 12091:1995
Thermoplastic pipes of circular transversal section Test method for resistance to external blows by the round-the-clock method (0°C) UNE-EN 744:1996
EN 744:1995
Thermoplastics pipes Longitudinal reversion (Air oven method)
UNE-EN ISO 2505:2006
Polyethylene pipes for water supply for irrigation Cracking by tension in active environment UNE 53367-1:2014  Section.5.4.2
Thermoplastics pipes Determination of tensile properties

(Maximum force: 10 kN)

UNE-EN ISO 6259-1:2002
UNE-EN ISO 6259-1:2015
UNE-EN ISO 6259-3:2015
ISO 6259-1:1997
ISO 6259-1:2015
ISO 6259-2:1997
ISO 6259-3:1997
ISO 6259-3:2015
Determination of resistance to external blows. Round-the-clock method ISO 3127:1994
Polyolefin pipes Determination of resistance to crack propagation UNE-EN ISO 13479:2010
Plastics piping systems elastomericsealing-ring-type socket joints of unplasticized poly (vinil chloride)

(PVC-U) for use with pvc-u pipes.

Test method for leaktightness under negative pressure

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN ISO 13844:2001
UNE-EN ISO 13844:2015
Test method for leaktightness under internal pressure and with angular deflection

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN ISO 13845:2015
Plastics piping systems – End-loadbearing and non-end-load-bearing assemblies and joints for thermoplastics pressure piping Test method for long-term leaktightness under internal water pressure.

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN ISO 13846:2001
Plastic pipes systems Test method for leaktightness under vacuum ISO 13056:2011
Plastics piping and ducting systems Determination of the long-term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics materials in pipe form by extrapolation UNE-EN ISO 9080:2013
Plastic Pipes Systems Tensile strength of the joints UNE 53008-1:2014
Annexs B, D, E, F, G, H, I
Crush test
Impact resistance test on joints
Thermal cycling resistance
Repeated bending test
Adhesion and cracking for expansion test
Thermal durability of the outer layer of M-pipes
Thermoplastics piping systems for non-pressure applications Test method for watertightness.

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN 1053:1996
ISO 13254:2010
Test method for airtightness of joints.

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN 1054:1996
ISO 13255:2010
Test methods for leaktightness of elastomeric sealing ring type joints

(dn ≤ 315)

UNE-EN 1277:2004
UNE-EN 1277:2004 ERRATUM:2006
ISO 13259:2010
Thermoplastics pipes for the conveyance of fluids Determination of resistance to rapid crack

propagation (RCP) – Small-scale (For dn 110 SDR 11 and dn250 SDR 11)

UNE-EN ISO 13477:2008
Thermoplastic pipes Determination of ring flexibility

(dn ≤ 630)

UNE-EN ISO 13968:2009
Determination of the ring stiffness

(dn ≤ 630)

UNE-EN ISO 9969:2016
Determination of creep ratio

(dn ≤ 630)

UNE-EN ISO 9967:2016
Plastics piping systems and plastics


Dimensional control (Thickness and external diameter) UNE-EN ISO 3126:2005
Section.5.2 y 5.3
UNE-EN ISO 3126:2005
Plastics piping systems Test method for the adhesion of the different layers using a pulling rig UNE-EN ISO 17454:2007
UNE 53008-1:2014
Annex C
RP01.71 REV 03
Annex F
Test method for the resistance of mounted assemblies to temperature cycling

<63 cm

UNE-EN 12293:2000
ISO 19893:2011
Test method for resistance of joints to pressure cycling

(23 ± 5°C)

UNE-EN 12295:2000
ISO 19892:2011
Test method for leaktightness under vacuum UNE-EN 12294:2000
Test method for resistance to pull-out under constant longitudinal force UNE-EN ISO 3501:2015
Test method for leaktightness under internal pressure of assemblies subjected to bending UNE-EN ISO 3503:2015
Plastics Determination of ash UNE-EN ISO 3451-1:2008
Method A
EN ISO 3451-1:2008
Method A
Polyethilen pipes Cone test method ISO 13480:1997
Plastics piping and ducting systems.

Thermoplastics pipes.

Determination of resistance to external blows by the staircase method UNE-EN 1411:1996
Plastics Determination of water content UNE-EN-ISO 15512:2010
UNE-EN ISO 15512:2015
UNE-EN ISO 15512:2017 Method B
Flexible hose assemblies in drinking wáter installations Ammonia test for stress corrosion resistance ISO 6957:1988
UNE-EN 13618:2017 Annex A.2
Plastics pipes and fittings Determination of opacity UNE-EN ISO 7686:2006
EN ISO 7686:2005
Plastics piping and ducting systems.

Polyolefin pipes and fittings.

Determination of oxidation induction time UNE-EN 728:1997
ISO 11357-6:2008. Except sections . 4.3, 8.2 y 9.6.2
Polyolefines with carbon black  content up to 3% Carbon black dispersion. Compression method ISO 18553:2002
ISO 18553:2002/Addendum:2007
Thermoplastic materials Determination of the melt mass-flow rate (MFR)

(Temperatura: 190°C y 230°C)

UNE-EN ISO 1133-1:2012
Polyethylene piping materials and components Determination of volatile content. UNE-EN 12099:1997
Pipes made of crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) Estimation of the degree of crosslinking by extraction with dissolvents UNE-EN ISO 10147:2014
Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)

(PVC-U) pipes

Test method for the resistance to dichloromethane at a specified temperature (DCMT) (15°C) UNE-EN 580:2003
ISO 9852:2007
Polyolefins and its products Carbon black content ISO 6964:1986
UNE 53375-1:2007
Cylindric thermoplastic pipes with flat surfaces Determination of residual vinyl chloride monomer in PVC resins

(0,5 mg/kg – 2 mg/kg)

UNE-EN ISO 6401:2009
Thermoplastics pipes and fittings Determination of Vicat softening temperature (VST).  (Maximum temperature: 120°C) UNE-EN 727:1995
ISO 2507-1:1995
Non-cellular plastic materials Determination of density by immersion method UNE-EN ISO 1183-1:2013
Method A Section 5.1
Determining the density and the relative density by  picnometer method
UNE-EN ISO 1183-1:2013
Method B Section 5.2.
Elastomeres Salt spray tests UNE-EN ISO 9227:2012
Flexible insulating sleeving Determination of low levels of fluorine


EN 60684-2:2011
IEC 60684-2-Ed.3 2011-08
Method B Section 45.2

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