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Energy Performance Laboratory 100 kW

22-02-2018 News | Technical assistance on energy efficiciency

CEIS Energy Performance Laboratory meets the specific heating and air conditioning market needs, by testing according to the current regulations and standards.


Our laboratories have the capability to determine following appliances’ performances, including all their multiple combination and configurations:

  • Air conditioners (AC)
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF)
  • Liquid Chilling Packaged (LCP)
  • Rooftop (RT)
  • Water-to-air and air to water appliances
  • Water-to-water appliances


The facilities allow the implementation of thermal and acoustic tests.

  • Testing Chambers

Dimensions (LxWxH)      8000x1200x5500mm

Number of rooms            3

  • Temperature range

Indoor rooms                    15 to 35°C

Outdoor rooms                -22 to  54°C

Water loop                         5 to  65°C

  • Relative humidity range 25 to 90% RH
  • Flow Range

50 kW, AIR                         1,3 to 20.000m3/h

100 kW, AIR                       1,3 to 40.000m3/h

Water loop                         14 to 700 kg/min

  • Maximum capacity 100 kW
  • Electric power

UUT voltage                       166 to 480V, 1Ø & 3Ø

Grid frequency                 50 & 60 Hz


  • Thermal: EN 14511; EN 14825 ; ISO 5151; ISO 13253; SASO 2681; SASO 2682 and SASO 2663.
  • Acoustic: EN 12102 (EN ISO 96114-1 method).

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