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CEIS successfully overcomes the intercomparison in conductivity for Keymark

30-08-2017 News | Thermal insulation tests

In the last intercomparison for the Keymark, CEIS has achieved satisfactory results for the conductivity test according to EN 12667:2002 on thermal insulation products. This means that CEIS’ results do not deviate by more than 1,5 % from the actual value for this parameter, a fundamental characteristic of thermal insulation products. With this data, CEIS has renewed the certificate recognizing it as “Register Laboratory“. There is a total of 21 “Register Laboratories” for Keymark throughout Europe, being CEIS the only Spanish laboratory with this distinction.

The Keymark is a voluntary European certification mark for thermal insulation products. It is awarded by the SDG-5 (Scheme Development Group 5) of CEN, which is the European Committee for Standardisation under the auspices of the European Commission.