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SP recognizes CEIS into Keymark Scheme

3-10-2016 | Efficiency tests | news

The Swedish organization SP has recognized ceis as testing laboratory under its certification KEYMARK scheme for air conditioning and heat pump appliances.

Heat Pump Keymark is expected to be recognized by whole European market as a guarantee for the customer in all related to equipment quality and compliance of the European standards of the eco-design and energy label.

Therefore, ceis adds a new recognition to that already obtained by DIN CERTCO into the Keymark Scheme, and also to those previously obtained in the Energy Performance framework, confirming again its high capacity to verify equipment according to the international standards.

ceis tests for air conditioning and heat pump appliances supply, apart from this new quality Heat Pump Keymark, other marks and labels as EUROVENT CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE, NF PAC, DIN PLUS, MCS or EHPA Quality label.

The increase of Certification Bodies who recognize ceis tests, allows manufacturers to optimize the compliance and certification test costs.

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