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CEIS sponsor of the EUROVENTSUMMIT 2016

20-09-2016 | Efficiency tests | news

CEIS is an event partner of the EUROVENTSUMMIT 2016, that will take place in Krakow (Poland) from 27-30 September.

EUROVENTSUMMIT is organised every two years by por Eurovent Association, Eurovent Certification and Euroven Market Intelligence in cooperation with other organizations of the HVACR industry.

EUROVENTSUMMIT is a unique opportunity to establish contacts with associations, manufacturers, interest groups and compliance committes and other ones of the HVACR industry from Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa through about 40 meetings, seminars and events.

This year´s Summit puts a special emphasis in the Polish marked and its industry.

CEIS besides being an event partner and participates in different certification programs of the EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION. We are also contributing with our tests to the quality and conformity assesment of air conditioning products, therefore we will participate actively in the Summit.

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