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New awarding contract for the chemical laboratory

2-02-2016 | Analysis of dielectric oils | Electrical tests | news

ceis has been awarded the contract of analysis of dielectric oils by the Refinery Repsol in A Coruña.

With this contract, ceis adds a new delegation of Repsol Petrochemical to Bilbao, Puertollano, Cartagena, Tarragona and Sines (Portugal), result of service that provides the chemical laboratory, that characterizes for its quick response to demands and a technical offer complete, all of that guaranteed by a technical equipment with great experience and professionalism.

Repsol Petrochemical, A Coruña Refinery

The first facilities are opening in the 11 September of 1964. In this fifty years, the refinery has developed its capacity and has adapted to technologies more innovative in every moments, based on in the security, the environment, the efficiency and quality. For this reason the refinery is today one of the incentive economic principal and source of employment in Galicia

The test, Innovation and Services Centre, CEIS

ceis is a Spanish Company with a great deal and experience an technical knowledge in the anlysis of dielectric materials field, and offers to railroad market the largest number of

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