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Ceis renews its website: easier and functional

04-09-2015 News

ceis, laboratory of tests reference of both national and international certifying bodies, renews its website, modernizing the general image with a more care and visual style.

This new website contains many new features both in the design, accessibility, content and technology used.

Improved the proportion of the different areas of the web, redesigning the main menu, which is now more intuitive and accessible, and updating pages overall product and service offering relevant information with a more precise style. The new search function makes it easy to find the products or services as well as related articles and news.

With object of continue enhancing the feedback with the user, the new web gives access through Social Bookmarking to the various networks for automatic reception the latest news, news and events, where to is may comment, share and meet all actuality of our organization.

We hope your visit: