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DBDS determination in dielectric oils, new requirement for qualification of unused oils

6-05-2013 | Electrical tests | news

“Corrosion on the metallic surfaces of a transformer is a common phenomenon that, in some cases, is directly related to faults detected in this type of electrical equipment.

Recently, corrosion has been linked to the presence of a specific compound called DBDS (dibenzyl disulfide). In fact, in the latest version of standard IEC 60296:2012, “Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear”, reference is made to this compound, in that its value should not be detectable, i.e., it should not exceed a 5mg/kg concentration.

For this reason, a new test method has been developed, testing standard IEC 62697-1:2011, for the determination of DBDS dissolved in insulating oil.

ceis, following its firm commitment to offer the tests recommended in the international standards for qualification of oils, has included DBDS determination according to standard IEC 62697:2012 in its test offer.

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