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Domestic air conditioning: european binding performance regulations in 2013

1-10-2012 | Efficiency tests | news

“The European Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, of compulsory compliance from January 2013, has established a very strict legal framework in terms of energy efficiency and environmental protection. The Directive includes for the first time at European level minimum values for seasonal performance and maximum values for sound power levels. (See Table 2 and Table 3)

The Directive is applicable to air to air equipment, the power of which shall be lower than 12kW. This equipment may be in cooling mode only, in heating mode only or reversible systems. In turn, all double-duct, portable single-duct, duct and multisplit air-conditioning systems are taken into consideration.

The main novelty is the measurement of seasonal performance instead of just nominal. Both the labelling and the energy performance results shall be based on average seasonal values, for which 4 dynamic types have been defined in Europe: an average climate in cooling mode and three in heating mode (average, colder and warmer climate).

The new energy label will include the energy efficiency class, according to the SEER and SCOP values of the product. For those systems declared in more than one climate, the lower SCOP shall apply. In addition, in the case of reversible systems, two individual labels shall be prepared for the cooling mode and the heating mode (see Table 1).

The Directive introduces changes in the documentation management and, therefore, manufacturers shall enable free access and/or provide the following documentation:

  • Technical documentation of the product.
  • Unit configuration details for measurement and testing to be conducted in the laboratory.
  • SEER and SCOP statement for each part load condition.
  • Technical sheet according to model presented in Table 10.

A series of key parameters that have to be defined by the manufacturer to comply with the new requirements are mentioned below:

  • Design temperature for cooling mode (T design C) (see Table 2)
  • Design temperature for heating mode (T design H) (see Table 2)
  • Bivalent temperature (T bivalent)
  • Operation limit temperature (TOL)
  • Special operation modes (see Table 4):
    • Thermostat-off mode
    • Standby mode
    • Crankcase heater operation
    • Off mode

In order to guide manufacturers when testing, defining and declaring the new requirements, of compulsory compliance from January 2013, ceis provides its customers with a comprehensive service offer including the following:

  • Thermal power and performance tests in normal conditions.
  • Thermal power and performance tests in part load conditions.
  • Sound power tests.
  • Measurement of special operation modes.
  • Documentation technical guidance.
  • Training.

ceis has a great deal of technical experience in this sector which, together with the extension of our facilities to adapt them to this new scenario, enables us to respond to the imminent needs of manufacturers. In fact, there are several manufacturers who, anticipating the market needs, have conducted their tests or have planned to do so in our facilities.

The objectivity of the measuring methods and the rigorous data control and processing make of ceis the reference laboratory for manufacturers of air-conditioning systems within this new legislative framework.

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

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