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Tests on bird life protection devices

CEIS conducts tests on bird life protection devices , devices or covers of polymeric insulating materials (usually silicone) used to avoid collision and contact of birds with electricity poles and/or power lines.

Tests on bird life protection devices are carried out in conformity with specification EA 0058:2016, document prepared by the Spanish Association for Standardisation (UNE) prior to the actual standard, enabling to verify their safety and good performance in 1 kV-66 kV distribution and transmission installations.

CEIS tests enable to comply with requirements set forth in national legislation on environmental liability regarding the protection of bird life as defined in RD 1432/2008 and the different regional regulations such as Decree 40/1998 in the Region of Madrid or Decree 178/2006 in the Region of Andalusia.

Tests on composition materials

Types of tests on the different composition materials:

Mechanical tests

    • Shore hardness test (UNE-EN ISO 868)
    • Tensile strength and elongation at break test (UNE-EN 60811-501)
    • Tear resistance test (UNE-HD 605)

Electrical tests

    • Flammability or glow wire test (UNE-EN 60695-2-11)
    • Dielectric strength test (UNE-EN 60243-1)

Climate tests

    • Climate ageing test (UNE 211605)
    • Ozone resistance test (UNE-EN 60811 -403)

Tests on all bird life protection devices

Types of tests conducted on all protection elements:

Constructive tests

    • Structure and dimensions
    • Marking verification
    • Appearance and finishing

Mechanical tests

    • Mechanical test at low temperature
    • Lock mechanical test

Electrical test

    • Dielectric and leakage current test

CEIS carries out each and every one of the tests both on composition materials and on the end product in conformity with EA 0058:2016Protective coating anti-electrocution of birds on overhead distribution lines”, and in conformity with Endesa Distribución’s own specification GE BNA 001:2018.

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