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Tests on air conditioning and heat pump appliances

heat pump tests

We carry out tests on air conditioning and heat pump appliances to measure:

  • Cooling and heating capacity
  • Performance (EER, COP, SEER and SCOP)
  • Sound power
  • Operating limits and special consumption.

Air conditioning and heat pump appliances with a capacity ≤45 kW, can be:

  • Air-to-air appliances (AC)
  • Air-to-water appliances (LCP-HP)
  • Air-to-water pool appliances
  • Air-to-water appliances for hot water
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow/Volume Appliances (VRF / VRV)

Our tests on air conditioning and heat pump appliances verify that they meet the requirements established in international standards: EN 14511, EN 14825, EN 16147, EN 3741, EN 12102, SASO 2663, SASO 2681, SASO 2682, ISO 5151, ISO 13253 and specific testing protocols. To this end, we have ENAC no. 1/LE149 (Technical Annex of Scope)  and no. 1/LE190 (Technical Annex of Scope) accreditations in conformity with standard UNE EN ISO IEC 17025.

Tests on air conditioning and heat pump appliances are recognised by the following bodies certification:

eurovent certita  logo ehpa logo SASO

Energy_Climate_Change_logo.svg  SEAI_Logo_large  logo dincertco

Tests on air conditioning and heat pump appliances will provide marks and quality labels:

Proficool FANS_Eurovent Certified Performance  nf_eurovent-certita

din-plus mcs.ctx  logo-q-ehpa

Our knowledge and experience enable us to propose the obtaining of the maximum number of certification marks minimising the number of tests, developing a customised testing programme for every client.

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