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Energy Performance Laboratory 100 kW

22-02-2018 | news

CEIS Energy Performance Laboratory meets the specific heating and air conditioning market needs, by testing according to the current regulations and standards. Appliances Our laboratories have the capability to determine following appliances’ performances, including all their multiple combination and configurations: Air conditioners (AC) Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Liquid Chilling Packaged…

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Thermal conductivity and resistance

7-02-2018 | news

Low thermal conductivity is one of the main characteristics of thermal insulation materials. The testing procedure to determine the thermal conductivity and resistance of building materials is mainly set forth in UNE-EN 12667:2002. This standard is applicable to all products with an expected thermal resistance equals to or higher than…

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22-02-2018 | news
Energy Performance Laboratory 100 kW
7-02-2018 | news
Thermal conductivity and resistance
7-02-2018 | Articles | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | Thermal insulation products
What is Keymark?
7-02-2018 | Articles | Pipes test
Tests on Multilayer gas pipe
19-12-2017 | news | Pipes test
CEIS will participate with a presentation at Plastic Pipes XIX, Las Vegas 2018
13-12-2017 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news
BRE recognizes CEIS under the Keymark Scheme
12-12-2017 | Energy performance tests | news
CEIS, the value of testing
14-11-2017 | news | Pipes test
CEIS considers its presence at the Plastic Pipes spin-off conferences to be very positive
11-09-2017 | Energy performance tests | news
CEN TC 113 Chairperson
30-08-2017 | news | Thermal insulation products
CEIS successfully overcomes the intercomparison in conductivity for Keymark

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