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CEIS ready to Middle East

22-11-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news

CEIS gets the public recognition to test according to the extreme weather air conditioning standards in Middle East. CEIS has always aligned to current good practice with both European and International Standards. Thanks to the substantial experience of our team in SASO 2663, SASO 2681, SASO 2682, ISO 5151 and…

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Trade Mission to Colombia

8-11-2018 | news | Pipes test

ceis will travel to Bogota (Colombia) as part of the trade mission that ANAIP (Spanish Association of Industrial Plastic) will head over the next 12th and 16th of November. ANAIP in the collaboration with Commercial Office Of Spain in Bogota and ACOPLASTICOS (Plastic Association of Colombia) and the joint financing…

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22-11-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news
CEIS ready to Middle East
8-11-2018 | news | Pipes test
Trade Mission to Colombia
4-10-2018 | news | Universal accesibility
Aenor Extremadura y CEIS holds a working meeting with APAMEX’s managers to promote the Universal Accessibility
3-10-2018 | Efficiency tests | Energy performance tests | news
Trade Mission to the Middle East with Eurovent Certita Certification
14-08-2018 | Energy performance tests | news
CEIS is Connectivity Partner of the 2018 Eurovent Summit
4-05-2018 | news
Extension of CESMEC recognition
2-04-2018 | news
INGCER and CEIS consolidate their collaboration
2-04-2018 | Pipes test
List of Plastic Materials Tests
20-03-2018 | news
New Acknowledg
22-02-2018 | news
Energy Performance Laboratory 100 kW

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