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12-12-2013 | news | Pipes test

ceis has recently set in motion a new facility to conduct REGRESSION CURVES, according to standard ISO 9080 “Plastic piping and ducting systems – Determination of the long-term  hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics materials in pipe form by extrapolation”, included a few months ago into our ENAC accreditation scope.

In light of the different deformation mechanisms that can affect plastic materials and the changes that may arise in their rupture modes, it is obvious that establishing long-term prediction models with which to determine the hydrostatic strength of plastic pipes is difficult and so it is to set the design pressure on the ducting systems from then on.

The procedure followed to overcome this difficulty involves conducting a statistic extrapolation from the real data obtained at different pressure and temperature levels, method specified in said standard. 

ceis contributes to the development of standardised products by conducting and interpreting these reference curves that will ensure the durability and performance of materials in the long term, with no detriment to quality and efficiency in building high-performance facilities. 

ceis is once again proving that it is a company committed with the future of society. 

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